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Do I need to go the Hybrid Publishing way ?

Hi fellow authors,

I am researching ways to improve my visibility on the web and where to publish my next book.

There are aspects of becoming visible that I can’t understand how they work. I am interested in where to obtain this assistance at reasonable prices. If any one can guide me where to go I would appreciate it with heartfelt thanks.

What I fail at is:-

Optimising my websites on Search Engine ( google, yahoo or bing ). It doesn’t make sense creating a site, making it available online and not a lot of people know about it. I need to make sure it appears on results page when people are searching for me or my book even if they are only using keywords. At the moment it doesn’t.

Amazon Author Page.

I need to maintain my Amazon Author page. At the moment if someone clicks on my book titles or my name, they are taken to my Amazon selling page, but nowhere else.

How do I set up links properly, as what I have done so far is not working properly?

Key Words

This also is not working. Using #and a keyword takes me to other people’s links, but not my own. Again, I must be doing something wrong.

Can you advise, please?

Therefore, I have been researching hybrid publishers. Many self published authors say there is no need to do this, as everything can be done by myself. But, is this the way to go when I really want to be writing? For the sake of about US$3,000 a lot can be done by a hybrid company. (See example below)

I have been contacted by hybrid publishers and wonder if this is the way to go, as I understand they set up these things for me.

Here’s what one offers.

Thank you for the time that you have spent with me on the phone.

This is xxxxxxxxxxx again from Xxxxxxxx Publications, a hybrid publisher in Xxxxxxxxxx, USA. What we do is we scout out for potential books to invest on.

The company started as an editing and marketing firm and eventually set up a publishing to further help authors publish and have their book distributed worldwide.  We operate using a hybrid publishing model in which we encourage authors to submit their manuscripts without any cost and if the manuscripts pass the standards of our editors, we offer a publishing agreement that comes with publishing and marketing services. Authors still have to invest a small amount to get started and we’ll take care of the rest of the investments. We help them push the book on several levels of marketing without incurring additional cost. It’s like a partnership agreement.

Xxxxxxxxx Publications focuses on producing quality works, creating good relationship with authors and creating the results that they expect from the book.


You will have the following services

1.      We will treat your book with Developmental Editing, the most extensive and the highest form of editing. This editing process covers the basic copy editing and other essential editing processes like typesetting and proofreading.

We’ll assign your book with Editors who are experienced and expert in your book’s genre. Your team of Editors will conduct a thorough analysis that considers all the aspects of the manuscript that make the book readable and enjoyable. They will look deeply at the organization and strength of your book. They scrutinize the order, flow, and its consistency helping the manuscript reach its full potential.

Please note that because of the extensiveness of the process, completing it requires a considerable amount of time. And because of its nature, it would come out as the most expensive type of editing as well. Most publishers would charge $.07/ word. However, because we aim for your book’s success we never hesitate to include it in our partnership program. Your success is our success too!

Here’s why we find that your book deserves nothing less than the extensive editing process:

• We would like to build your credibility as a good author. As they say, first impression lasts. Publishing a work not thoroughly edited destroys your credibility. Convincing someone to pick up a book by a new author is never easy, and when they do and see that your book is boring or sounds like a work of an amateur, almost without thinking, they put it down and go pick up something else. Your book could have the most terrific idea for readers to enjoy and appreciate, if only you chose to have it extensively edited. That makes that book reader not to trust any other works you have. And this goes the same with other buyers too. So, are you going to take the risk? Or choose to avoid it and create a lifetime impression of your expertise.

• A great writing finds its way to the top. Definitely, it will make your book sell. Of course, it must be coupled with proper marketing which will also be discussed later in this email.

2.       We create a beautiful, sellable and professional cover for your book. Our team of professional designers will provide you lay-outs for approval. A brief will be sent to you for us to have an idea on what you want for the cover. We’ll incorporate all the good ideas to come up with the best cover that speaks about your book, speaks to your audience and appeal to their expectations.

3.       We market your own business and promote your own brand for 1 year. While writing is a creative process, promoting your book is a business. A good book coupled with great marketing strategy gives your book the maximum exposure it deserves and brings maximum results. The ISBN of the book is registered under your name and we promote it like your very own business.

Here’s how we market your brand (1 year)

1.     Professional Website. Your website shows how professional and serious you are as an author. There isn’t should be a better place of knowing more about you and your works than your own site. It should be a destination for fans of your book looking for recent updates and those having just discovered you searching for more information. Your author website is a place to promote your books and a place to build community for interested followers.

We’ll do the following for your site.

• Manage it. We can help you update the content should you have additional or relevant information that you want to upload to the site.

• Optimize your website on Search Engine ( google, yahoo or bing ). It doesn’t make sense creating a site, make it available online and not a lot of people know about it. We must make sure it appears on results page when people are searching for you or your book even if they are only using keywords.

2. Professional Logo. Our professional logo designers will create a distinct and stronger identification of yourself that helps people easily distinguish you from any other author.

3. Domain Name for the Website. May it be your name or a domain that you’d like to use for your branding.

4. Personal Email. We will create a business email for you. People would trust you more if you use a business email than a generic email. This email is what we put on your Contact Page on your website.

6. Book Page on Amazon. Book buyers can see your book and your book information like the number of pages, trim size, date of publication, ranking etc. It also shows your book reviews for people to appreciate it.


5. Amazon Author Page. Aside from getting a page for your book on Amazon, we will also set up and maintain a page for you as an Author. This is a handy place for your book buyers who go on Amazon to learn about you by showing them your photos, biographical information, feeds to your blogs, videos, and a calendar of your events. This tells readers something interesting about yourself, including any details about your background, awards you have won, other books you have written, and personal details might want to know and even feeds to blog posts. You can use your Author Page URL in your email signature, blog posts, Facebook posts and Tweets.

6.Online Community Reviews. You will get five (5) book reviews from five (5) different authors who are well-established individual book reviewers. The reviews will be detailed and will focus more on the strength of the book for people to appreciate it. The reviews will be posted on your book page on Amazon to drive more sales.

7. Social Media Accounts. We will set-up your Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Instagram or twitter). We’ll create articles to help us introduce your book more to create a large following. These social media sites will be connected to your website and author page on amazon.

8. We expose your book to traditional publishers globally. Bookmark Publications is a member of a wide network of publishers including traditional publishers, agents and physical bookstore owners globally. This is a paid membership to build a wider network and provide your book with great opportunities. We make your book more visible to agents and traditional publishers with high hopes that they would be interested in your book. If a traditional publisher in the US is interested in your book, you’ll be paid for your book. And if someone is interested to buy the foreign rights of your book and wanted to translate and distribute it to their own language and territories, you will also be paid for the foreign rights.


You will get 100% royalty. This means that we don’t get any share on the royalty. Remember, your book’s ISBN is registered under your name, thus you deserve to get all the royalty.


Design Stage:

• Unlimited Book Cover Consultation

• Customized Cover Design with Unlimited Revisions

• Free Images for the Cover

• Customized Interior Design with Unlimited Revisions

• Unlimited Graphics/ Images and Tables

 Book Formats and Production Features:

• 3 formats: Paperback, Hardcover and Ebook

• Developmental Editing – no word or page limitation

• Includes Citations, Footnotes and Endnotes if applicable

• Electronic Galley

• Unlimited Corrections and Alterations

Distribution and Post-Publication

• Paperback Copies

• Online Distribution Thru Amazon, Barnes an Noble, Google Books etc.

• Distribution Thru Ingram and Baker and Taylor

• Registration of Books on Print-on-Demand Database

• ISBN Assignment

• Book Webpage on our Online Bookstore

• Quarterly Royalty Accounting and Payments

• US Copyright Registration

• Library of Congress Registration

• Set Your Own Price Program.

What do you think about this proposal?

With as little as $x,xxx, you are able to get all the services mentioned above. We will take care of the rest for you. Should you consider this partnership, what’s next is we’ll be asking a copy of the manuscript for our book doctors and editors to look at and read to finalize the process.

I look forward to knowing if you are interested. You may call me at xxxxxxxxxx. or send me back an email

It reads well, gets my next book published and marketed, and links, keywords, and Amazon author page set up properly.

This blog is also informative-

Here Are 4 Things All Writers Should Know | WritersDigest.com

Hybrid publishing (author-assisted publishing, indie publishing, partnership publishing, copublishing) is an emerging area all writers should know about.

— Read on www.writersdigest.com/online-editor/what-is-hybrid-publishing-here-are-4-things-you-should-know

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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3 responses to “Do I need to go the Hybrid Publishing way ?”

  1. My second novel is named Power and Authority. It will be published in December. Thanks for your interest.


  2. Hi Glennis. Have you decided on your next book’s home? I’d say you are on the right path as far as identifying your needs and vetting who in the industry can meet those needs. IBPA has standards in place that a hybrid publisher must meet. And of all promises from a publisher (hybrid or other), get it in a contract. I negotiated with my hybrid publisher to get the terms wanted and we snail mailed notarized signed hard copies of our contract to each other. Serious consideration went to 3 hybrid publishers I pitched, then I decided on who I have. Personally, I’d avoid any publisher who comes cold calling to me—it sounds salesy. I’m pleased with my choice. You can read more on my recent blog post in my writing journey found on my website @ ellemottauthor.com/ (click on Blog). Kindly, -Elle-

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Elle, thank you for your comments.Very helpful. I will read your blog as you have suggested. Regards, Glennis


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