The Author – Annie Browne – Glennis Browne

About the Author

Glennis Browne began writing as a child.

Completing a 12-chapter book in an exercise book and three comic story books, she unfortunately lost all of them over the years. Later while in teacher training, she wrote children’s books.

After the advent of the computer, she wrote her autobiography. One day, with the advent of self publishing, this may become a book to be read by readers like you.

Her interest in historical research brought to light questions of why certain situations happened within her family such as emigration and religious thinking. Family traits, genetic issues, Charles Darwin, the affects of Calvinism, boozing menfolk, broken families, deserted wives and children are all legacies of this generation.

How these unfold in the lives of ancestors is a spellbinding saga.

After undertaking biblical studies and doing emotional healing training, these questions about her past kept resurfacing.

A decade of family tree and historical research birthed the first of the series of “The Fortune Seekers’, and followers with ‘Under the Thumb”.

Author – Glennis Browne

Born in New Zealand, she immigrated to Australia with her husband, to live closer to their two sons and their families.

Added to the family is Annie, an extremely cute and cuddly Maltese

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