Mini Avocado growing and its health benefits

After I turned seventy, My life seemed to be in a constant state of uncertainty. It wasn’t just because of the covid 19 worldwide epidemics, as I, fortunately, live in New Zealand where covid is under control at the moment. After successful lockdowns, the cases are from people returning to live in our country and infections are found when tested while in two weeks of isolation. Occasionally community cases appear; fortunately, the covid tracing app is locating people using it.

No, it wasn’t covid that unsettled me. My ageing body fights against exercise now, as, after a day of gardening, I became stiff and sore. My Knees, especially. Thanks to the physio, exercising and strengthening the muscles helped.

Motivation? My personality was always outgoing, and I enjoyed celebrating milestones with family and friends, but that has changed. My 70th house party with neighbours was a hit- stress less and fun.

But, organising Hubby and our 50th wedding anniversary was something else. Perhaps the uncertainty of it happening due to how the covid situation was the cause? No, I don’t think that was the reason I cancelled the get together which I had planned with friends and families in my home town in the South Island. For some reason, the thought of having the party began to stress me. This personality change was confusing, and the decision to can the event solved the rising anxiety levels.

So, I’m no longer a party organiser. I’m content to enter the seventies-era becoming a homebody—a motivated gardener. Even my writing has taken a back seat- completion of my books in progress reserved for non-gardening days.

With the yard in shape, weeds under control, and mulch covering exposed soil, I became content.

Veggies Planted, radish and beetroot seed sown

Next Hubby and I bought two ‘Vege-pro’ raised gardens for vegetable growing – needed to save the back. Hubby bending in the garden-plot was no longer manageable. Now, Spring planting is complete and growth abundant.

I turned my attention to the raised planter positioned on one of the decks where strawberries and blueberries are enjoying their sunny, sheltered position. An abundance of juicy strawberries ripens daily, now devoured for breakfast with homemade muesli and natural yoghurt. Yum! Sometimes there are enough for mashed strawberries and ice-cream with cornflakes for desert. The fruits of gardening being enjoyed.

Tomorrow breakfast

Now, on to the latest project- we recently bought two avocado trees. Did you know you can grow avocado-mini’s in a home garden? I didn’t until I researched why my young trees which had budded and then lost their leaves last week. I discovered a company in New Zealand who have successfully studied avocado propagation for many years and now produced the ‘how to’ information needed by novices like Me.

So many buds, but which ones do I need to remove?

Yesterday Hubby and I bought two more avocado trees and planted them in a row beside the other two, less than 1 metre apart. Variety A and variety B close to each other to enable fertilisation of the flowers. I downloaded the ebooks on flower and bud removal, soil and mulch mediums, suitable food for thriving young trees and pruning know-how musts, as these are the secrets to propagate mini avocados and have success producing fruit successfully.

What’s this about close planting of avocado trees?

The positioning of young trees can be varied- 4 in a square, or a circle. Eight staggered. And more suggestions depending on your garden size. We have planted a hedge which will provide privacy and a windbreak in the years to come. Planned height of the trees/hedge will be about 2.5metres.

I intend to write about my experiences learning throughout this new project. I will post photos as I go, hoping you will find the journey enjoyable.

Recently I turned seventy. Now, I’m content to be a homebody, pottering in my garden. It was a struggle turning seventy, but now I believe I have finally accepted this new stage in my life.

It is because I became aware of a peacefulness experienced this morning while stretched out on a recliner and reading up on tips contained in the ebooks on mini avocado propagation. I knew at that moment that the new me had been born – no longer striving to do what I previously enjoyed prior to turning seventy.

I have entered the place my Hubby discovered when he turned seventy last year, and in doing so, bridging the gap created by two personalities trying to adjust to ageing. It’s no easy feat. Change is painful, but worth it.

And, we have a dog!


Grow avocados.

Why not?
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