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10 Ways to Improve Your Memory | The Art of Manliness

Hi friends,

I’ve been thinking about why some people have excellent memories, such as the celebrities who compete against teams of clever folk, on ‘The Chase’. Initially when I began watching this TV programme, I couldn’t remember many answers. Over the last year my memory has improved. Why is this happening?

I received this blog from a personal development blog I receive entitled, – A Man’s Life. Perhaps you will find it as helpful as I have. Bullet points only, as you will learn, understand and remember more by reading the whole article, therefore click on the blue link below.


Quote- from the blog

If you have read an interesting article, do not wait until you want to talk about it to revive your memories. The time to revive them and make them permanent is within half a day after the first impression has been made.”

If you read this, I bet you’ll remember it tomorrow.

The Art of Manliness spells out 10 ways to improve your memory, borrowed from the book Increasing Personal Efficiency.

The tips include to memorize meanings, revive your recent memories, and make “overmemorizing” a habit.

Brett & Kate McKay | November 1, 2017

A Man’s Life, Personal Development

10 Ways to Improve Your Memory

Bullet points:

1. Be intentional in remembering.

The man who first said “it is the little things that count,” may have wanted to be funny, but he stated a truth of improving memory. The first “little thing” for you to correct is your intention in remembering.

2. Memorize the new through the old.

Can you recall the shape of Italy?

Can you recall as accurately the shape of Germany?

3. Cultivate a broad range of interests.

At the circus, you saw many people who were strangers to you. Of all these, which ones would you recognize if you were to see them again? Probably the fat woman and the human skeleton.

4. Talk over the things you want to remember.

Do you reinforce your memory? When you want to remember some facts, do you just look at them or do you repeat the figures? Do you write them down and think about them for a while? If you look at them and think: “How interesting, I must remember this,” you are improving your memory by this added effort. But you will not have reinforced it.

5. Revive your recent memories.

6. Repeat what you want to remember.

Would you like to have your memories one and a half times as strong as they are now? You can improve them by this amount if you repeat everything you want to remember twice.

7. Memorize meanings.

8. Memorize early in the day.

When does your memory fail you most, in the morning or in the evening? Can you memorize as quickly in the afternoon as in the forenoon?

9. Approach memorization with a positive attitude.

Do you dread memorizing? When you have a name to remember, do you dislike memorizing it? When you have a speech or some shopping items to remember, are you bothered by the fear that you will forget them?

10. Make “overmemorizing” a habit.

Much forgetting is due to the fact that we seem to seek the easiest way and memorize only enough to remember for a few hours or days. Never stop memorizing as soon as you can repeat the name, or date, or information accurately. Spend some additional time memorizing it even after it is apparently well learned.

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