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Writings by Author Glennis Annie Browne

More Than Your Average Historical Novel.

Glennis Annie Browne writes from her heart. Feelings and emotions within her stories have been said to touch the lives of her readers, bringing personal understanding from obtaining a deeper understanding of their lives.

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Self publishing, promotion, the craft of writing, social issues, families, pets, retirement, overcoming life’s challenges and much more.


Historical fiction and social sciences meet up and bring understandings.

Annie Browne author

Author of a series of books- Journeys of the Fortune Seekers. Also weekly blogger covering many subjects of current interest

Beginning in 1860 in the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire, and in Essex, England the first book sets the scene uncovering the historical beliefs and laws of the time. Lives are changed by the decisions and beliefs of others.

Lives change and financial status’ collapse as the great plagues in England cause bankruptcy. Are there any options other than emigrating to the colonies?


Calvinism and Religious beliefs drive families from their homelands to make new beginnings.

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