The adventure of the indie author

Yes, it’s been an amazing adventure. At least six months of determination, driven by ideas forming one after the other in my mind. Determination needed to put the ideas into written words and sentences. Learn the art of writing. Editing, then editing again. And again. Finally, being courageous enough to let someone read it and evaluate it. Then – how to publish? This is the big one. Self publish or assisted publishing? I chose the latter, as after all I’m an indie author, having no former publishing experience.

Ideas come in the night, wake me from sleeping. Form while listenning to and observing others. Until finally I introduce the real people. 

People, previously names within my family tree back in the 1800s, came alive. The novel was being born. Rushing out, with stories to tell.

Personalities blossomed as the central two people, (Daniel and Charlotte) made decisions as young adults. Decisions that were to change the courses of their lives, seperately.

Challenges, both emotionally, politically and religiously were affecting their lives. Consequences needed to be addressed after problems began to climax. Welsh religious indoctrination and English expectations and conformist attitudes – all causing our two characters to stumble.

How would I respond when put into the situations the key characters were? 

Would I accept or reject the statis quo? 

No, not me! 

As by thinking through issues, my own common sense has over the years never let me down. I now became my characters, and brought them through – changing the generations who were to follow, through to this very day.

Daniel and Charlotte- had an inner knowing. Consciences to deal with. Powered by the need to live, love and be who they both believed they were. Having the ability to reason. 

All these attributes – day by day, brought the challenges into perspective for the characters within my novel, and their lives adventure changed gear! 

As did me – the author. Full speed ahead. Write until done…that was the goal. 

And it’s now done! In being published – by Entitled “The Fortune Seekers.”Historical fiction. By Glennis Browne. Due out late April or May 2016. Kindle and all E Books, Paper backs and hard copies. The adventure is into second gear…

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