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Historical fiction brings the past back to life. Especially when each of us have a history and maybe it’s been kept secret. Discover what really happened and learn about who you really are. It’s not all about DNA.

Learn the 5 secrets to communicate your love for your dog in a language they’ll understand! They’ll DEFINITELY know you adore them when you try any of these. 🙂 Hi Annie, We know you’re crazy about your pup. And you show that love every time you pet them, play with them, give them special snacks, or just tell them how greatContinue reading

How to Crisp Up Your Writing–Revision Tools for Wordsmithing

Once again I am reblogging one of Mary Carroll Moores’s writing tips.  For over a year she has reminded me or taught me a lot  about writing. Mary and the AutoCrit Programme have been my teachers in the writing of The Fortune Seekers.  Today’s article is on crisp writing – something quite new to meContinue reading “How to Crisp Up Your Writing–Revision Tools for Wordsmithing”

The Fortune Seekers – almost here

From Wales he comes. From England she comes. Why did they leave everything they knew, to begin their lives a-new? Where did they go? How did they meet? What events caused the decisions? All will be revealed when you open the pages in late July or early August.

Challenging Moral Beliefs – guest blog by

Deepen The Protagonist to Readers By Challenging His or Her Moral Beliefs Posted on May 28, 2016 by Angela Ackerman When we sit down to brainstorm a character, we think about possible qualities, flaws, quirks, habits, likes and dislikes that they might have. Then to dig deeper, we assemble their backstory, plotting out who influencedContinue reading “Challenging Moral Beliefs – guest blog by”

Family, history and health

My blogs are in relation to the art of writing, and sharing family stories discovered after years of historical research. What I’ve discovered brings to mind the challenges of the time. Mysteries are unravelled, by turning the lives into personalities, by turning the stories into fiction – Resulting in much loved characters from my pastContinue reading “Family, history and health”

The Fortune Seekers preview

My manuscript has gone its merry way to the place where completed manuscripts end up! With the publisher. Time for a preview? It’s now time…. Here we go…. Read on ‘Daniel, do it. Take your life into your own hands’, it mocks him, laughing as it taunted.   ‘This isn’t the freedom I’m after!’ His cryContinue reading “The Fortune Seekers preview”