Tip from Colin the Ipad man- Record Videos horizontally on iPhones

Today I am posting a helpful tip from my friend and ipad/iPhone tutor- Colin Dunkerley. 

Hoping this tip will remind you as it has reminded me, how to successfully use our phones to video. It makes great sense.

Thanks Colin.
Record video horizontally!

Those of you that have attended my group course would have heard me go on about recording your videos horizontally. It still amazes me how many people film their children and grand-children in portrait mode.
You don’t have to look far for evidence of this, just watch the nightly news. Just about everytime the TV news uses footage from someone’s mobile phone it is in portrait mode and almost looks like you are watching through a door crack.

Please when making a video from your iPhone hold the iPhone (or iPad) horizontally! 

Remember – Record Video Horizontally 

I would like to once again thank you on behalf of Tianne, Darrin & myself for the wonderful support you have given our business. We couldn’t be happier helping you achieve more with your iPads & iPhones. 

Please remember that you are NEVER bothering us and that we are here to help so please call 07 5444 5338 during business hours or email support@ipadlessons.com.au whenever you need help. We are here for you!

Until we see you again.

Warm wishes from

Colin Dunkerley – The iPad Man, Tianne & Darrin.

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