The Husbands Secret – by Liane Moriarty

Liane Moriarty  2nd August 2016.  Interviewed by Marylou from ABC Irritable when not writing 2002 published Three Wishes Cringe factor- writing about ordinary people in their own towns. The Husbands Secret- New York Times best sellers list Big Little Lies – won a prize in America. Number One. Nicole Kidman- phoned her. Wanted to meetContinue reading “The Husbands Secret – by Liane Moriarty”

Author Annie Browne

Historical fiction brings the past back to life. Especially when each of us have a history and maybe it’s been kept secret. Discover what really happened and learn about who you really are. It’s not all about DNA.

Glennis Browne – author

I have so many historical stories just waiting to be written. After decades of historical family tree research many more over time will be shared with you. What interests me, and hopefully you as well, is obtaining the answers to the big questions we would like to ask our families, if they were still with us.Continue reading “Glennis Browne – author”

My favourite software for organising a book

Another informative blog by Mary Carroll Moore- artist, author, teacher. Mary is one of my favourite bloggers. Before I wrote books, I wrote stories, essays, poems, columns, and articles. Short stuff. Short stuff doesn’t require that much organization. I had a good word -processing software. I kept files of the multiple versions of my shortContinue reading “My favourite software for organising a book”

How to describe a person – 7 tips

How to describe a person – 7 tips Blog from with appreciation. Learning how to describe a person so that the reader forms a vivid impression of your characters is essential for writing compelling stories. Read 7 tips for describing characters so they come to life: 1. Focus on details that reveal characters’ personalitiesContinue reading “How to describe a person – 7 tips”

What does engineering a novel mean?”

HOW TO WRITE A NOVEL – By Larry Brooks It’s fair to ask, “What does engineering a novel mean?” To paraphrase Webster, to engineer is to create and design large structures or new products or systems by using scientific methods. But writing a novel is art, not science… isn’t it? Many writers develop theirContinue reading “What does engineering a novel mean?””

Today I suffered the awful emotion of doubt. 

Negative doubt. _______________________________________Those demoralising feelings of doubt.  Doubt that I could write. That I could really be an author worthy of publishing. My first book has been published and the painful doubt has now dawned… should I have published?  Why? It wasn’t ready as the editing was crap! Hours upon hours of editing ended up showingContinue reading “Today I suffered the awful emotion of doubt. “

Synopsis written by a Reviewer

A Synopsis;                     THE FORTUNE SEEKERS – Dan and Charlotte        Creative History written  by Glennis Browne Once the reader is past the introductory pages, the journey begins. It’s a story inspired by real events; allowing the reader to explore their imaginations of timesContinue reading “Synopsis written by a Reviewer”

When your life is on hold…

We all experience this at some time. When your life is on hold.  Perhaps because of illness – yours or some one else’s.  Or you are awaiting the birth of a baby.  Experiencing both excitement, fear , anxiety  and hope. Such difficult times to go through. This week I felt for two loved ones strugglingContinue reading “When your life is on hold…”

The video for The Fortune Seekers has been launched 

The video for my book has been launched. You may view my video at the link below. YouTube:  This is a recent review from Germany. An honest and encouraging appraisal. Thank you Andrew Griffith It was hard going at the beginning, to be brutally honest. The Calvinist upbringing of the two brothers was mentionedContinue reading “The video for The Fortune Seekers has been launched “