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Merry Christmas to you all

As I send my Christmas message to you, I thank you for being interested in my journey as a first time published author. You have followed my posts on face book and twitter, and some of you have checked out my two websites.

How amazing! I am truly humbled by your interest.

This year has taught me so much about the art/craft of writing. I’ve stumbled at times. And because of my encouragers, (you) I have got back to the keyboard and begun again.

The release of The Fortune Seekers – Dan and Charlotte has been an amazing experience. Can you imagine how it felt to open the first book after it arrived from the publisher. Perhaps it felt like you felt when you read a signed copy from a friend- me. Such a new experience.

Thank you to those who posted reviews on Amazon and Xlibris. And also those of you who sent me your review by email. Most of you loved the story and cant wait for the second of the serried. Some of you discovered the many errors in the book – grammatical, length, etc. I am listenning and learning. Presently attempting a re edit so the next printing will be better. This will happen in 2017, after which the second novel will be completed.

Today I discovered that The Fortune is not only on Xlibris, BarnesandNoble, Amazon.com, and Amazon.com.Au but also available on Amazon UK, Amazon Japan, and Amazon EU. How it got there I don’t know. Possibnly due to Xlibris my publisher and marketer.

Below are some new reviews I discovered tonight. From strangers.

Bragging over – Now it’s time to send my Christmas wishes on their way. 

May you 

enjoy your family and friends, 

love, share and give, 

and continue to be a blessing to others.

Have a blessed Christmas

Glennis xx

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