Anyone else published then re published as the original was severely flawed?

I know I was told to edit, edit, edit…

really I did edit, repeatedly I did it and did it!

Doing so until the story was that familiar I could quote it.

Certainly making it easy to promote it, 

as the key aspects flowed from my mouth unbidden

But the sad part was – the mistakes were now hidden

Get an editor I was told

I did, she was great. Editing friends are like gold.

 Taught me heaps as my writing journey begun to unfold.

The publishing package had two authors as well,

I trusted I’d not to this error fall fell.

My editor had so much on her plate, a great friend 

I asked if it would help if her obligation could end.

Having two from the publisher, I thought it would be home and hose,

Submitting for corrections  – my story’s prose.

Months it took, I laboured at it long,

Not realising my inexperience would be seen as it is,

With commas wrongly placed, speech marks all wrong

And strange little sentences  now causing this tis.

The story I’m told is great, which readers do enjoy,

But I pre warn of the errors in case they are shocked.

But most dont even notice, it’s the story that has them hooked.

In a few weeks it will be re published for those ordering online,

Meanwhile I give out free bees to any readers I find.

Thank you for visiting my site.

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