How should non-POV characters talk about your protagonist?

Today’s guest blog is by KM Weiland. I hope you find it helpful.

How should non-POV characters talk about your protagonist?Your Questions Answered: What if All Your Plot Points Aren’t Perfectly Timed?

Q. Can multiple character arcs, and the three acts, still work if each arc rolls through the story at different points, all climaxing at the end? The main character has her Midpoint in, say, chapter 10, but she is held back by other key characters whose Midpoint comes later.—Andrew S.

A. Timing in a novel is generally much more flexible than in shorter mediums, such as movies and short stories. In my own writing, I always strive for as near perfect timing as possible, while still giving myself the leeway of several chapters to either side if necessary.

The final litmus test is always: does it work? If your pacing feels good, even if the structural timing is a little off, then I definitely wouldn’t worry about it.

It’s best if you can coordinate the various arcs and plots into simultaneous timing as much as possible, to create a cumulative effect of the specific emotional beats you’ll be hitting. However, this isn’t always 100% possible.

Always strive to have the protagonist’s arc and plot structure be the one closest to the proper timing, since that will be the spine upon which the rest of your story is built.

Happy writing. Enjoy the learning curve. Write that book that lives inside of you. 

Regards, Glennis Browne 

Author of The Fortune Seekers- Dan and Charlotte

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