Sweeten Your Prose Using These Tasty Power Verbs

Hi friends and writers. No apologies for this blog, as it is sent highly recommended, ( by myself.) In my efforts to clean up my writing by showing instead of telling, this blog by Autocrit, teaches it clearly. 

Sweeten Your Prose Using These Tasty Power Verbs
A spoonful of sugar with some strawberries

Ever read a book where you loved the plot, the characters were engaging, but for some reason the writing put you to sleep?

It’s likely the fault of some pesky verbs. Think about when you tell someone a story in person and you really want to impress them — you might not exaggerate (well, not too much anyway), but you use the punchiest words possible to get your messaging across in as engaging a way as you can.

The same goes for writing — and boring, moldy old verbs can rob your prose of the excitement and impact it deserves to have.

With that in mind, here’s a handy list of 30 alternative verbs that’ll add a more palatable flavor to your writing and keep your readers hungry for more.

1. Instead of Put Down, use Drop

2. Instead of Throw, use Fling

3. Instead of Shout, use Bellow

4. Instead of Run, use Tear

5. Instead of Laugh, use Guffaw

6. Instead of Cry, use Weep

7. Instead of Pull, use Heave

8. Instead of Push, use Shove

9. Instead of Make, use Create

10. Instead of Lead, use Command

11. Instead of Love, use Adore

12. Instead of Ask, use Beg

13. Instead of Let, use Permit

14. Instead of Rot, use Putrefy

15. Instead of Cause, use Incite

16. Instead of Damage, use Ruin

17. Instead of Climb, use Scale

18. Instead of Win, use Triumph

19. Instead of Lose, use Fail

20. Instead of Sing, use Croon

21. Instead of Drink, use Chug

22. Instead of Wash, use Cleanse

23. Instead of Tie, use Bind

24. Instead of Roll, use Tumble

25. Instead of Gossip, use Tattle

26. Instead of Meet, use Convene

27. Instead of Satisfy, use Delight

28. Instead of Read, use Scan

29. Instead of Smash, use Obliterate

30. Instead of Hit, use Clobber
There are so many powerful verb choices available to you — ones that reach above the norm and bring life and variety to your writing — we could go on listing them for a lifetime.

If you find yourself playing it safe and under-describing your characters’ actions — the result of which is often telling, not showing — try injecting a few alternative verbs to your description and watch it come to life.

What are your favorite alternatives to standard verbs? Are there any you catch yourself using a little too often? Sound off in the comments below!
Why do I highly recommend this blog? By up loading each chapter to autocrit I am whizzing through the changes. Bringing an evaluation of 92% readability and clean writing. Adverbs, verbs along with repetitive sentence starters are being rapidly picked up. Another fortnight and it will have its evaluation with my writing coach, then off to the editors before re publishing! Yahoo!


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