Two Major Issues influencing our British Ancestors

Hi, friends and family on my newsletter and launch page list.

It is the time to resume communication about my books’ progress. (Books- plural)

It has been a year since I released the first book; The Fortune Seekers – Dan and Charlotte. Many readers have spoken to me about how much they have enjoyed reading it. Hearing that you followed Dan and Charlotte, relating with their troubles and facing their difficult journeys through life. Loving to hate Joe. I like knowing that you can’t wait for the second book in the series. It is well underway.

I do appreciate hearing from you. To those who have placed encouraging written reviews on the websites, another huge thank you. And is important if I am to sell on Amazon and other book selling sites. Reviews matter.

Your feedback has been helpful. I listened to the grammar experts. Like them, I was not happy with the editing of the first edition. Since January, I have rewritten the novel, following advice from writing coaches, and using two analytical tools plus editing friends and a paid editor- the result is a cleaner, more concise, and faster-moving story.

Nine months of labour, but in my opinion, it has been worth it. Kind of like giving birth again to a precious baby that I hope is almost perfect.

There are many changes – the important one for those who have read Dan and Charlotte, is that Part Four is no longer in the story.

Why did I cut it out?

Two reasons- Firstly, to decrease the number of pages as a long book is expensive to buy.

Secondly- The story of Dan and Charlotte, together in the latter years, is better told along with new characters who live during the same timeline, They are all an integral part of the second book. Different issues are addressed, no hints or spoilers yet, sorry.

Check out the pictures of the gold miners homes.

Are these houses as you imagined Charlotte lived in, when living in the colonial towns, near the goldfields, and in the bush? Hard times after the more civilised life she left in England.

Upcoming events

1. The re-release of book one – The Fortune Seekers, will be available in November. If you purchased an ebook, I understand it will be updated on the site you purchased it. I’ll discount paper copies if you have one. Then you will own a before and after, showing the growth of my writing. Same story, but better.

2.  I will be Book signing on Sunday, 10th December at the Tewantin Wharf Sunday Markets, Noosa, Sunshine Coast. Always a fun time. Visitors using the ferry love these markets.

You will remember that Dan struggled to understand and believe in the Calvinist religion his father and ancestors lived their lives according to. Many questions had stunted him emotionally, as he is unable to find answers.

Then, you will recall, Charlotte faces her own challenges. Calvinism and Church beliefs play a part, but there is a lot more to be overcome in her life. The answers require major decisions.

How are these obstacles overcome? Is it happy ever after for them from then on?

I don’t think so . . .

Twists and turns now drive the story. Where to? Through the passing of time, the story will explain.

The two major issues of the Victorian era will be seen for what they were, challenging this family.



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