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Learn the 5 secrets to communicate your love for your dog in a language they’ll understand! They’ll DEFINITELY know you adore them when you try any of these. 🙂

Hi Annie,
We know you’re crazy about your pup. And you show that love every time you pet them, play with them, give them special snacks, or just tell them how great they are! 🙂
But did you know there are other ways to communicate to your dog how much you adore them — in dog language?
Here are 5 ways to tell your pup you love them in doggy language. ❤️❤️❤️

1. Gaze into their eyes.
The next time you’re relaxing with your dog, stare deeply into their eyes while telling them how much you love them. Sustained eye contact will release oxytocin in your dog’s brain — the same chemical that bonds mothers and children. (Don’t do this with a dog you don’t know, as direct eye contact can also be considered a threat!)

2. Lean on them.
Many dogs don’t like being hugged. But they do crave physical closeness. Instead of hugging your dog, try leaning on them or pressing against them in a gentle and reassuring way. Add a couple of tummy scratches, and your pooch will definitely be feeling the love!

3. Raise your eyebrows.
This one’s a little weird. 🙂 But dog behavior experts say that the more you move your face when you’re greeting your dog, the more your dog will know you think they’re awesome! Dogs tend to raise their eyebrows as a gesture of recognition when they see their beloved owners. So if you do it back, they’ll feel extra-loved in return!

4. Sleep next to them.
Cuddling with your pup when they’re sleepy will make them feel very close to you, as that’s when they’re at their most vulnerable. You can snuggle up to them in bed, on your couch, or even on the floor! What matters is the feelings of affection and warmth your dog will feel as they’re drifting off. 😴

5. Just be yourself!
Dogs are incredibly emotionally sensitive, and they can sense how you feel about them through your voice, your gestures, and your actions. So if you love your pup, just keep loving your pup! They’ll be able to tell, and they’ll love you back…even more than they already do. 🐶💕
The Dog Pawty Team

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