Ramblings of a blogger…

My husband’s dress shoes. Honestly, this is the truth! You may call them thongs if you are an Australian (but us Kiwi’s know thongs to be a very scanty panty – nothing more than a thong.) If you are English, you may be calling them flip flops…ok, they do make a floppy-floppy noise if youContinue reading “Ramblings of a blogger…”

Learning how to blog

Finding my genre…is that the idea when blogging?
Seems the case, if a blogger desires to have readers interested in following her ramblings.
Got it.
My genre, my focus, my interest area is people.
People hurt.
People struggle.
People face challenges day by day. Challenges which seem insurmountable at times.
What can I do to help someone work through issues, social challenges and religious attitudes?
Basically by attempting to bring a fresh perspective to challenges. To attitudes. To the way you may have been brought up.
Is there a right or wrong way to do this?
No. Definitely not. Only a fresh perspective. A new frame of reference to consider.

This I believe is the basis of my blogs of the future.

Am I qualified to give my opinion? As qualified as any person who breathes ideas in and ideas out.
Plus a life time of people watching, self evaluation, studies, courses, and being a wife and mother. And, grandparent, daughter, sister, niece, daughter n law.
Yes. qualified. I do believe.
Blogs now seem easier. I’m soon to let rip….

The adventure of the indie author

Yes, it’s been an amazing adventure. At least six months of determination, driven by ideas forming one after the other in my mind. Determination needed to put the ideas into written words and sentences. Learn the art of writing. Editing, then editing again. And again. Finally, being courageous enough to let someone read it andContinue reading “The adventure of the indie author”

An Accomplished Writer Takes a ‘MasterClass’ From a Gargantuan Selling Writer

The Master Class ads started popping up in my Facebook feed a couple of weeks ago. http://observer.com/2015/08/an-accomplished-writer-takes-a-master-class-from-a-gargantuan-selling-writer/

18 Authors Share A Day in the Life

Hi lovelies. I’ve been getting a lot of recurring questions about schedule, pacing, productivity, etc, and I thought it might be time to do another DITL post, because I am always interested when other authors do them (and it’s further proof that there’s no right way to this whole author thing. So, now that I’mContinue reading “18 Authors Share A Day in the Life”

My first blog begins…..NOW!

Hi bloggers.  My first ever blog has begun to be written as these letters are flowing. What do you want to know? What does one blog about when one blogs? Time will tell. I’m an Indi writer, having researched for a decade on ancestry.com, my family tree. A year ago I discovered a story inContinue reading “My first blog begins…..NOW!”