The Fortune Seekers preview

My manuscript has gone its merry way to the place where completed manuscripts end up! With the publisher. Time for a preview? It’s now time…. Here we go…. Read on ‘Daniel, do it. Take your life into your own hands’, it mocks him, laughing as it taunted.   ‘This isn’t the freedom I’m after!’ His cryContinue reading “The Fortune Seekers preview”

Creating Memorable Characters…

Create memorable characters….guest blogg Do we always have to create memorable characters? No. It depends on the genre. In an all-action thriller focused on pace and plot, everyone but the key players can be wafer-thin. They’re disposable. The same is often true of detective fiction, even the quality sort. In John Dickson Carr’s famous ‘lockedContinue reading “Creating Memorable Characters…”

It’s time to put my money where my mouth is

Well, here we go… One BIG question, How does an unknown author with an un heard of title have any opportunity to sell her first book and test it on the market?  * promote to family and friends and hope a few will be interested enough to buy a copy.  * form friends with fellowContinue reading “It’s time to put my money where my mouth is”

Ramblings of a blogger…

My husband’s dress shoes. Honestly, this is the truth! You may call them thongs if you are an Australian (but us Kiwi’s know thongs to be a very scanty panty – nothing more than a thong.) If you are English, you may be calling them flip flops…ok, they do make a floppy-floppy noise if youContinue reading “Ramblings of a blogger…”