Deepen Your Story with Character Misdirection

Hi everyone. Once again K.M. Weiland has brought ideas for those of us writing and learning the craft. This blog offers many valuable insights. DECEMBER 26, 2016 by K.M. WEILAND | @KMWEILAND  Deepen Your Story With Character Misdirection Top 10 Writing Posts of 2016In childhood, stories are always about exactly what they appear: “See Spot.Continue reading “Deepen Your Story with Character Misdirection”

Cliffhangers for Novelists—Tips to Use Them Effectively

Cliffhangers for Novelists—Tips to Use Them EffectivelyThanks to by Cindy Sproles @CindyDevoted for posting this blog.   “It was a fast read. I couldn’t put it down.” Nothing rings sweeter to an author’s heart than these words. The moment a reader becomes so invested in a story that nothing is more important than reading toContinue reading “Cliffhangers for Novelists—Tips to Use Them Effectively”

Your Novel’s First Scene: How to Start Right

This weeks blog is really appropriate to me, being in the process of re editing may novel. From some readers reports the first part is too long – and slow. Therefore this information is useful to me – maybe you as well. Thanks for your blog Paula Munier. Your Novel’s First Scene: How to StartContinue reading “Your Novel’s First Scene: How to Start Right”

Writing first drafts and after: 7 tips for stronger rewrites

Writing first drafts and after  – by Now Novel – the easiest way to get your novel done Writing first drafts of novels is challenging and completing your manuscript is a major achievement. Even so, if you end NaNoWriMo with a manuscript in hand, or you finish a book at your own pace, this isContinue reading “Writing first drafts and after: 7 tips for stronger rewrites”

Today I suffered the awful emotion of doubt. 

Negative doubt. _______________________________________Those demoralising feelings of doubt.  Doubt that I could write. That I could really be an author worthy of publishing. My first book has been published and the painful doubt has now dawned… should I have published?  Why? It wasn’t ready as the editing was crap! Hours upon hours of editing ended up showingContinue reading “Today I suffered the awful emotion of doubt. “

Hidden Emotions: How To Tell Readers What Characters Don’t Want To Show Posted on July 7, 2014 by Angela Ackerman pensiveOne of the struggles that comes with writing is when a character feels vulnerable and so tries to hide their emotions as a result. Fear of emotional pain, a lack of trust in others, instinct,Continue reading

How to Crisp Up Your Writing–Revision Tools for Wordsmithing

Once again I am reblogging one of Mary Carroll Moores’s writing tips.  For over a year she has reminded me or taught me a lot  about writing. Mary and the AutoCrit Programme have been my teachers in the writing of The Fortune Seekers.  Today’s article is on crisp writing – something quite new to meContinue reading “How to Crisp Up Your Writing–Revision Tools for Wordsmithing”