I am  a recently published author.

 My first novel ‘The Fortune Seekers’ – Dan and Charlotte was  published August 2016. In November 2027 it has been republished after being revised. The second of The Fortune Seekers Series is currently being written. Expect it on the market in 2018.

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The Fortune Seekers preview

Review by Author Tim Gurung    (Four out of five stars)

This book is very nicely written, has black & white photographs to embolden …, August 28, 2016

By Tim I gurung

This review is from: The Fortune Seekers Dan and Charlotte: Book One of a Series (Kindle Edition)

This book is not only a historical novel but also a history by itself and everyone who has roots from the British side must read this book. The book is very nicely written, has black & white photographs to embolden the story, and make you feel like you were traveling with them. I also learned a little piece of history, e.g. why it has anything to do with the word ‘bastards’ and I am grateful to the writer for clearing that as well. While reading this book, I couldn’t help but felt like I was watching those old Western movies when people were moving around and living a life of gypsies. It is definitely a very good book, easy but interesting reading and the highly recommended. The book is quite long though, so, prepare yourself for a long and enjoyable ride. I am not sure if it was based on true story but I genuinely felt that way.

Have a read of this preview of The Fortune Seekers.

I invite you to journey with Dan and Charlotte, who this story is about, as they work through personal issues.
Are they to be overcomer’s?
Will they find the fortune they have been seeking?
And what does it really mean to be a fortune seeker?

Pre release  Reviews

  • It was a pleasure be asked pre read this wonderful story.
  • My suggestion was to portray clearly, Dan and Charlotte’s actual physical love for each other, which in my opinion brought it to really jump off the pages. And felt like I was there.
  • I personally know you and am delighted that you are able to share your family history in this way. I dearly love the way you are telling the story as it is.
  • And I wish you nothing but luck.

Regards,         Bev Takken  (Australia).

Hi Glennis

  • I know it has taken me a while but I have finished reading the two parts of your story “The Fortune Seekers.”
  • I have to tell you that I have found it a great story. It defintely held my interest and I found that it was easy to get engaged and involved with the main characters inspite of them being my ancestors.
  • I felt the emotional aspect of Daniels earlier life was understandable considering life at that time in history and the huge impact and power religion and churches held during those times.
  • It must have been quite a challenge to portray Daniels emotions and thoughts in words. I have really enjoyed following his and Charlottes journey through their early life and look forward to reading how different life will be for both of them now that they are both on Australian soil and of course how their romance works out.

Cheers,      Carol Parker (New Zealand). 

Jill Williams

My new friend Jill (below) tells me she is loving the book from the very beginning – even from the introduction. And that as she has been reading she has stopped, thinking, “I wonder where this is leading?’ And then reads a little more. Then wow! “There it is -all clear! Thanks Jill, for your encouragement.

Dear Glennis,

  • A great story. The struggle to break out in a time of conformity.
  • A time of questioning when questions were scarcely asked.
  • I’d be surprised if you didn’t insert yourself into the story.
  • And maybe it’s your time to be the story. A nudge like this may be all it takes.

John Nuyten  (Australia).     (Photo not available)

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