What do you do now you are retired?

For a number of years my hubby and I have enjoyed retirement. 

We share the house, including the kitchen – he prepares many meals while I finish something I’m busy at. 

He makes the morning cappuccino while I hang out the washing.

He snoozes  while I laze in the hot tub (spa).

Seven years ago we downsized. We bought a caravan and good towing vehicle, intending to join the grey nomads travelling around Australia. Fitting in the occasional cruise with the cruising nomads. Filling our days at our retirement village -where life is relaxed, relatively stress free, and where friendships blossom easily.

Today over a two hour coffee visit with friends within our village, Karen and I chatted about people’s perceptions. 

I mean family and friends perceptions of early retirees (in their fifties and early sixties) selling up their large homes to downsize and enjoy life without the stress of ongoing financial goals. She and her hubby, like me and mine, chose to  get off the band wagon and experience the other side of life – that of retirement- earlier than most.

Funny thing is, when questioned by others about our B.R. lives (before retirement), other people look at us blankly – as if we are from another planet.

“You don’t work? Then what do you do every day?” It’s obvious that adults are judged by their occupations and career paths. When you no longer label yourself as what your working life occupation was, we find most people are unable to continue the conversation.

That was until I began writing. 

“What do you do?” They ask.

“I’m an author,” I reply, and notice their eyes light up with interest. 

Now, why is that? Maybe most people haven’t met an author before. And it’s a big thing to do so?  Or, is it that the grey oldie who they are talking to can now be put into a category… Fitting into what is considered normal.

As for many, retirement means the end of your days, and for some, health challenges – as to retire early is an uncomfortable situation to contemplate. Reminds me of that TV programme, named; ‘Waiting on God’. 

Is that what most younger people imagine we retirees are doing? Waiting out our final years and days? Scary thought.

But for many, like Karen and myself, retirement is the best years of our lives in many aspects. As we have freedom each and everyday to do as we choose. Didn’t have that bringing up our kids, nor working our careers, or even as children.

Most days these days, I choose to write. And write I do. And also engaging in social media, learning about writing, meeting fellow authors, and building social media friendships. All in the name of ‘being an author.’ 

Love it.


3 responses to “What do you do now you are retired?”

  1. authormaryarussell Avatar

    I with you, I love retirement and freedom that comes with it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mary, loving your encouragement via posts on FB. Are you writing while enjoying retirement?


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