Freedom to be yourself

Who would you be if the influences of society weren’t directing your attitudes and behaviours?

Perhaps you are responding, “That’s not true for me. I’m who I am because I do exactly what I want to do.”

But is that really true?

Many outside influences have influenced our society over the generations

The Crown? Queen? King? Government ? Religion? Lack of knowledge? Illnesses and Plagues? Wars?


How about Charles Darwin? Did his theories affect your beliefs and choices ?

If not you, how about your grandparents?  As in the 1800s he began theorising about life. Proposing ideas previously unheard of. Beginning to guess about genetics.



Let me introduce you to this young man and woman.

Meet Dan and Charlotte  – the main people we are to spend time with in  the historical novel – “The Fortune Seekers.”

  • How did the laws of England and Wales affect these two people in the 1860s?
  • Did societies influences prevent them becoming free?
  • image
  • What about the beliefs of the church at the time?
  • What did the people believe at the time?
  • What was being taught by John Wesley and John Calvin?

Teachings of biblical interpretations brought whole British populations to faith in the Welsh and English revivals.

  • But was their belief in the interpretation of the bible truth?
  • And did the population experience hope and freedom because of it?
  • As people like Daniel Rowland (below) began to change the beliefs of the Welsh population.




Personal freedom should be found in love and peace of mind.

Therefore, how did the tiny church of Saint Brynach’s (in south west Wales) effect the freedom of young Dan? And the beliefs of the Non Conformists in Essex  – how did they affect Charlotte?


  • What about the theories of Charles Darwin? How can his ideas affect a young English woman such as Charlotte?
  • How did the philosophies taught Dan, erode his emotional freedom  – forming religious conclusions which lead him to despair?
  • And Charlotte? Is it believable that new governmental and church laws could really force her family to make decisions uprooting family and loved ones forever?

So much confusion.

Deep seated anger.

Hopelessness and hatred.

What is the real fortune Dan and Charlotte are seeking? How will they overcome manipulation and tradition?

By now it may be becoming  clear; that freedom isn’t just about financial freedom for any of us.

Instead the fortune we may be seeking may be deeper than physical.

  • Do Dan and Charlotte find their freedom?
  • Is it possible to arrive at that place?
  • The answer is not obvious, but it does make a good story.

Look for The Fortune Seekers on ebooks and at late July/or August.

The answers may surprise you. 


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