What I learnt from award winning author Leanne Moriarty

We were in for a great morning with Leanne. 

Over one hundred book lovers attended the Noosa Library interview with award winning writer Leanne Morirty on 2nd  August 2016. Ably interviewed by Marylou Stevens (formerly from ABC) – an author in her own right.
I gleaned the following from this successful Australian author-

-“I become Irritable when not writing.”

– There is a Cringe factor in her books – writing about ordinary people in their own towns. New York Times best sellers list.

Book awards have been won:

  • The Husbands Secret- New York Times best sellers list
  • Big Little Lies – won a prize in America. – Number One seller.
  • ‘Surely Madly Guilty’ is Leanne’s latest novel.

A keen observer of people.

I discovered that the actress- Nicole Kidman – phoned her. Wanting to meet Lianne, to discuss turning one novel into a TV series. They met in a coffee shop in Sydney. 

Her book has turned into a TV series. Reece Witherspoon in the TV publication team. Early next year will be on our TV screens.

When asked whether she plans and plots her novels, or writes as it comes to her.

“I am a pantser writer. Not a planner. Things surprise me at the end”, Leanne said. “Writing as it comes to me. Development of a character is automatic. Things I need to add in a document, I just go back and add. Writing this way can make the timeline hard.”

Her husband is not a reader. Despite this, he gives her advice on writing. Telling her, “keep on doing what she is doing, as it appears to be working.”

Aspects of Leanne’s novels include – 

  • Complicated feelings about sex is observed.
  • Deals with the darker side of life. Yet filled with humour. 
  • Allows the humour to come through naturally.
  • Neurotic characters in last novel. Her characters start with a personality attribute. 
  • There is an IVF theme through her books.
  • Titles- conflict between USA and English and Australia.
  • Takes a year to write her books. 

Suggestion build an Author platform– use social media, talk in local libraries, news letters, hire own publicist. Slow process (15 years)

“What is your writing process?”asked someone.

Her reply – “I edit as I go, followed by the structural edit (explaining the characters motivation). Next copy editing follows. (colour of eyes,changes etc). Final proof reading follows next.”

Her suggestion is that it’s important to finish each book before sending it onto publishing agent. 

Also – “Get it out there. Into book shops, libraries, book presentations and  signings.”

Leanne’s added, “Write a regular shift per day. Fit it in with other things. ”

Finally, Leanne suggested,”As an author, we need to read everything and anything.”

Naturally I queued up and chose two books to have signed, impressed by this successful author. It’s time I learned from her writing. Looking forward to a great read ahead.

Thanks to Mary Lou and the Noosa Library for bringing this successful author to us all.


Finally – 

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Local Queensland Authors networking at the release celebration with their novels also available are Maggie Christensen, Jack Kregas, Anne Moorhouse, and hopefully Jo Kadlecek . Carol Brunello is now not able to attend. Next time Carol.


Happy reading. Cya


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