The video for The Fortune Seekers has been launched 

The video for my book has been launched.
You may view my video at the link below.
This is a recent review from Germany. An honest and encouraging appraisal. Thank you Andrew Griffith

It was hard going at the beginning, to be brutally honest. The Calvinist upbringing of the two brothers was mentioned a bit too often and I sometimes felt that their language was not consistent with their ages. Adult thoughts in a child’s head, if you know what I mean.

But I gradually got drawn into the story and by the time the boys had their seminal experience in the pub where Dave got laid and Dan got drugged, I was hooked.

I enjoyed the rest of the book. 

Some highlights: I loved your cameo appearance, ghosting through that Welsh graveyard! The descriptions of Dan’s life at sea and the gold mining section were quite convincing, obviously well researched. And, I have to admit, I shed a tear when Dan took Charlotte to the registry office to legalize their marriage.

In a nutshell. the book got better and better as time went on and I am sure your next work will be brilliant from the first page. Keep on writing!

The Fortune Seekers – Dan and Charlotte is available:below from three websites. In hard or soft cover and as an ebook. See below for ordering information.


The cover of The Fortune Seekers, released August 2016

Carcoar  NSW Australia – delightful town, authentic homes in 2016

Dressed in white…how did they keep their dresses white and clean?
Bottles and glasses, medicines and potions

The original Gundagai bridge today 2016  – The 1850 flood destroyed the town. Read of Charlotte’s experience in the remains of the old town in The Fortune Seekers.

Order your copy from

Enjoy.   Glennis Browne 

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