When your life is on hold…

We all experience this at some time. When your life is on hold.

  •  Perhaps because of illness – yours or some one else’s. 
  • Or you are awaiting the birth of a baby. 
  • Experiencing both excitement, fear , anxiety  and hope. Such difficult times to go through.

This week I felt for two loved ones struggling while their lives are on hold. They are unable to do anything about it. Knowing that to move on requires some one else to enter their lives. 

 Its difficult when you are tired from too many years of work, and can’t see any way of ending it. When your body is no longer giving you the energy you had previously. As you are almost seventy years of age. And your wife not far behind you.

The only way ahead  is for someone else to respond to their own lives also being on hold in some way.

This  situation is about waiting for a buyer to purchase their Motel Business.

Bream Lodge.

A Fishermans paradise. A business opportunity

It’s a great business. In a great area. Profitable.

  • Offering a location for fishing  groups and families, schools, church, scouting and elderly groups to stay. 
  • With land on which to play a game of cricket. A playground and games room to entertain in.
  • Where boaties explore the beautiful location of the Gippsland Lakes and Rivers.
  • As the Twin Rivers Bream Classic Fishing Competition is an annual attraction to Bream Lodge.

  • Another location advantage
  • Where schools and Olympic Rowers come to train, being accommodated in new, purpose built bunk houses.  
  • Where BBQ’s and open fires entertain. 
  • Where hire boats await the guests.
  • And where a purpose built group camp kitchen and entertainment building entertains and relaxes.
  • Great fully equipped bunkrooms
  • After which guests return to their cosy, warm, quiet self contained motel to rest. 

The important thing I discovered when visiting this Lodge, was that the asking price is affordable. 

Most suitable for families or couples who want a change in direction. Providing a home with an income for less than a home costs in the large cities of Australia and New Zealand.

I imagine it will suit those desiring to leave the rush and expense of big city living. Choosing a rural, river lifestyle, close to Lakes Entrance. Where larger towns of Bairnsdale and Sale provide whatever Lakes doesn’t. Situated on the Princes Highway – what position is better?

And yes, there are good schools close by. 

The new Motel owner will enjoy sending their guests to delightful bays such as Metung and Nungurner. 

Close to beautiful locations

And the newly completed jetty made for the rowers and boaties, at Johnsonville is close enough to walk to. 

Plus, the added value – Opportunities for expansion await a purchaser. Caravan park and swimming pool possibilities.

On the Motel boundary horses feed in the paddocks. 

As I write this blog, the possibilities seem endless for the right buyer. 

Providing an opportunity for a great lifestyle as it has been for the present elderly owners many years ago.

May those reading this blog, please pass this on to family and friends who also are at that place. 

  • Where the change of life style is over due. 
  • A dream is to solve the 70 percent price hike in house purchases currently in Sydney. 
  • Affordability is the key to the attractiveness of this business opportunity.

If interested click on: http://www.breamlodge.com 

 – where the following page will open to you.  Thank you

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