Who is doing the nomowri November writing challenge?

I am.

I began the challenge with three family historical stories in sequential idea form with the plan to merge them into the second Fortune Seekers Novel.

Hours spent cutting, pasting onto the working manuscript followed, along with moving chapters up and down for timeline sequence

Target- one hundred and thirty thousand words

By the 11th Nov. the chapters are placed where I want them. My mind is clear and I can see how the present and past tense is to work.

The total story now has 43 chapters and 105,000 words- approx 300 pages.

The nomowri challenge is 50.000 words, designed to help writers make a start.

I had made my start, but needed a kick in the butt to dedicate my time to achieving a set number of words as a daily goal.

It’s plain sailing now for the rest of the month. Book signings for the first book of the series, The Fortune Seekers- Dan and Charlotte

Yesterday and the day before were big days. At least 10 hours of work each day.

Now I’m looking forward to bringing it alive by tightening it up, ensuring each chapter has hooks to grab the readers attention, and cutting where it’s not important to the story.

Finally checking chapter by chapter on the AutoCrit and grammarly editing programmes. Then eventually sent to the editor to polish it some more. Months of work ahead, but it’s well underway.

Feeling pleased.

Even think I have a title . . .

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