Glennis Browne – author

I have so many historical stories just waiting to be written. After decades of historical family tree research many more over time will be shared with you.

What interests me, and hopefully you as well, is obtaining the answers to the big questions we would like to ask our families, if they were still with us. Such as why ordinary people went to such extremes as emigrating to the other side of the world in the 1800s.
Or why they walked away from societies religions and legal systems. Entering unknown countries and experiencing extraordinary circumstances in their new lives.

You’ll find here, my first book – The Fortune Seekers, which became available late in July 2016. Being published by And also on all ebook sites such as, kindle and Barnes and Noble.

I will announce the release date of the second in the series as soon as it is available. I am planning to complete it by mid 2018. The story is developing, the story line portrays the lives of the women during this time in history when women didn’t have rights. Not having the right to vote, they were the property of their husbands, and at a time when birth control was unavailable, a woman lived a hard wearying life.

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