But what becomes of my book when its taken from its bag?

Book displays and personal signings are part of the life of an author. A lovely part, for sure.

Last weekend I attended a Sunday Market event and spent the day chatting with holidaymakers who had arrived on the local ferry. Also, locals were enjoying the holiday town we live in, happily browsing the stalls, stopping as they wander to chat with stallholders before choosing which eatery to dine in.

A vocalist accompanied by her backup tracks adds to the festive atmosphere, filling the marina with mood.

But, yesterday, potential customers held their wallets close to their hip pockets, as, for the stall holders, this weekend had not brought the usual sales. The buying mood was off for most.

There were happy customers as well.

The greatest pleasure I receive is chatting about a person’s historical interests, and upon obtaining a sale, personalising each book, then slipping a bookmark between the covers, and sometimes even the Fortune Seekers pen that I used to sign with.

This is how memories are made for my book buyers.

But what becomes of the book when it is taken from its bag?

Is it read?

Does the reader like it enough to finish it?

Or is it left behind in the apartment unwanted, or to gather dust on a bookshelf?

Have I succeeded in providing something of value to my customers?

I sometimes think about this, as the majority of books go someplace and nothing is heard from the book reader again.

Not so this morning, as in my facebook feed I received the following comment-

”I met you at the Noosa Marina markets a couple of months ago and purchased your book. I’ve just finished reading it and loved it !!! Looking forward to the next one.”


Such a gracious comment from a satisfied book reading customer. My confidence in achieving my goal is restored.

It’s back to the keyboard, with the next one well underway, each page dedicated to Sonia.

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