20 points to consider when when writing a book review.


Authors appreciate book reviews. In fact, reviews are a key factor a purchaser looks to when deciding whether or not to buy a book from an unknown writer.

Reviews are hard to obtain, as only the minority of readers think to place a review.

Perhaps knowing what to say other than ”I enjoyed this book”or the negative, ’This book was hard going” is the problem. There are clearer methods and tips for explaining your thoughts other than the above that will be helpful to both potential readers and also the author.

I am sure you will find the twenty tips helpful.

if you are less formal and prefer to write simply from the heart below is a simple comment that could be placed as a review that I received yesterday morning, on my facebook feed –

I met you at the Noosa Marina markets a couple of months ago and purchased your book. I’ve just finished reading it and loved it !!! Looking forward to the next one.


This is a gracious comment from a customer. My confidence in achieving my goal is restored.

Back to the keyboard, I return to my keyboard to complete the second of the series, for Sonia and other waiting readers to read. And, thanks for every review you write in the future.

Thank you for visiting my site.

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