Here I am at last

img_1306It’s been a while I know, but I’m onto it now.

Monday blogs is a place where I comment on interesting bits and pieces about my writing journey.

You know; those things that go wrong and later you laugh about.

Here’s the first.

The joys of self publishing 101

Two weeks ago I opened the freshly published book that I self published on Amazon KDP.

Mmm, Yes. Love the cover. All shiny and well constructed.

I opened the pages, feeling the quality, admiring the headings, and read the inscriptions. Nice.

The printing looks professional, the headings are where they should be. I turn the pages, feeling pleased with my first attempt at self publishing.

Whoops! What is this?

Why is the editing column showing in the story?

Good Gracious!

Or perhaps I said something less polite …

There’s page after page of notation by my editor:-

why has it printed?

And how come I didn’t see it when I checked out the copies before pressing ‘publish’?

There are always a good side when bad things happen

Fortunately I have only bought four copies, and I’m confident that thousands of book lovers haven’t bought their copy. Yet.

As there’s no chance of that, I reason; as pre-orders were not successfully achieved in the build up to publishing.

What has followed is …

I have completed a crash course on removing the editing column from Word. Then I republished on KDP, and now I wait with baited breath on a successful republishing confirmation.

It’s time for a long black, and I breathe in a sigh of relief, having overcome a self publishing major challenge

But there is more – lesson two will be revealed next week.

Meet you at ten.

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