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The Husbands Secret – by Liane Moriarty

Liane Moriarty

 2nd August 2016. 

Interviewed by Marylou from ABC

Irritable when not writing

2002 published Three Wishes
Cringe factor- writing about ordinary people in their own towns.

The Husbands Secret- New York Times best sellers list
Big Little Lies – won a prize in America. Number One.
Nicole Kidman- phoned her. Wanted to meet Lianne, in a coffee shop in Sydney. Turned into a TV series. Reece Witherspoon in the TV publication team.
School trivia night. Dressed as Elvis and Audrey Hepburn.

Early next year will be on our TV screens.
Country towns.Book Shops.

Her husband is not a reader. He Likes ‘The Secret River’ by Kate …
‘Surely Madly Guilty’ latest book. 
A pantser writer. Not a planner. Things surprise her at the end.
Things you need to add document, to go back and add.

Makes the timeline hard.
Complicated feelings about sex observed.

Deals with the darker side of life. Yet filled with humour. Allows the humour to come through naturally. 

Neurotic characters in last novel.
Titles- conflict between USA and English and Australia.

IVF theme through her books.
Author platform- use social media, talk in local libraries, news letters, hire own publicist. Slow process (15 years). 

Takes a year to write her books. 
Writing process

Write a regular shift per day. Fit it in with other things. 

Character starts with personality attribute. 

Finding an agent- Ferness Browne her agent.
Development of character is automatic. 

Reads everything and anything. 
Suggests it’s important to finish book before sending into publishing agent. Get it out there.
Edits as she goes, followed by structural edit (explain the characters motivation), copy edit follows. ( colour of eyes change etc). Final Proof reading follows.

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