Mindfulness, self compassion and self acceptance- self discovery.

Hello, dear friends and followers. It’s good to have you with me as I continue my journey of discovery. I may be in my 7th decade but my mind is as inquisitive and responsive as when I was a child. Back then, as the only daughter with four brothers, I sought to find my way. Was I a girly-girl, Tom-boy or simply a girl finding her way?

Recently I have become friends with Sammy (not her real name), who I discovered is trying to become the girl she believed she really is while being born in a male body. Sammy has blossomed these last few weeks, as she experiences acceptance, and the friendship of others. Her smile is infectious and eyes light up as Sammy is like a butterfly bursting forth with beauty within and on the outside while discovering the real woman she is becoming.

But, before she made the decision I know there would have been fears, shame, procrastination, poor decisions, lack of self acceptance and all the mind games that go with such challenges.

Sammy needed all possible Life Resilience Skills to cope with life itself.

Twenty-twenty-two appears to be the year for Sammy to break free and begin her life by following her true self using many resilience skills she must have developed over a life time.

The following is extracted from a blog SENIOR ACCREDITED PSYCHOTHERAPIST LONDON UK, who follows my blogs ‘Love Learning Stuff.’ Much of what he blogs is helpfully instructional in this crazy mixed up world where our minds are being tested and stretched daily.

May you find the points thought provoking regarding personal emotional resilience skills. Thanks to Blogger – SENIOR ACCREDITED PSYCHOTHERAPIST LONDON UK

Personal emotional resilience skills

These include how to :

  • Develop unconditional self-acceptance
  • Deal with the physical symptoms of anxiety .
  • Deal with the uncertainty of life.
  • Manage discomfort.
  • Cope with failure and success in life.
  • Stop one self catastrophizing .
  • Challenge perfectionism.
  • Cease procrastinating.
  • Practise mindfulness.
  • Problem – solve

Social resilience skills

These include how to :

  • Cope with the unfairness of life
  • Develop a healthy work/life balance
  • Resolve personal conflicts
  • Become more pragmatic about life.
  • Cope with stress
  • There is inevitable overlap between the three skill sets. But , in general the emotional resilience skills required for each group are subtly different 

Why have these skills been chosen?

You might be surprised by the skills that appear in the list above, while optimism , altruism , meaning, gratitude, hope, structure and personal responsibility , among others, have not been included . Some of these can indeed play a major role in increasing our emotional resilience, and they can nourish and greatly enrich our emotional and mental health.

But emotional resilience , if built to last , must be built on solid foundations.

These must be created in turn, by developing the core personal, social and life skills detailed above. Without these basic skills , it becomes increasingly difficult to journey any further towards our goal of making ourselves truly independent and emotionally resilient. There is little point, for example, in discussing the importance of a concept such as gratitude unless we have first learned how to accept ourselves unconditionally. Or to discuss the importance of personal responsibility or self-discipline unless we have learned how to manage discomfort.

Once we have laid these foundations and developed these more fundamental skills , we can then complete the task of developing full emotional resilience by exploring the’ higher order’ insights , such as meaning and gratitude , and putting them into practice in our lives.

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Until next blog, your author and friend, Glennis Annie Browne

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