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The DNR & Living Will Fall Far Short in Dementia…Part 2 – Brittany Lamb https://blambmd.com/the-dnr-living-will-fall-far-short-in-dementia-part-2/https://blambmd.com/the-dnr-living-will-fall-far-short-in-dementia-part-2/https://blambmd.com/the-dnr-living-will-fall-far-short-in-dementia-part-2/

Part 2 covers common struggles and barriers for dementia family caregivers in using the Living Will to help them make medical decisions.
— Read on blambmd.com/the-dnr-living-will-fall-far-short-in-dementia-part-2/

This blog is an important read for all of us at some stage of our lives. There are many questions to consider and conversations to be had with family, caregivers and friends regarding living wills. A simple document may not be sufficient to allow medical practitioners to follow your written statements regarding your end of life requests.

I recommend reading this.

Glennis Annie Browne


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