How not to get started writing

Writing 201: Intros and Hooks Your opening lines are your first chance to hook readers — or to lose them. This week, learn to use your piece’s angle to craft an engaging, compelling opening that commands readers’ attention. BY MICHELLE W. Welcome to Blogging U! This course isn’t currently active, but you can learn moreContinue reading “How not to get started writing”

I want to:   Write a Cover Letter

In researching the  writing of cover letters and advertising promotional letters, I came across this helpful information. Thank you to my Guest Bloggers –   “The  Queensland Writers Centre”. A cover letter is the brief letter that accompanies your submission to an agent or publisher, otherwise known as a query letter. The purpose ofContinue reading “I want to:   Write a Cover Letter”

The Fortune Seekers – almost here

From Wales he comes. From England she comes. Why did they leave everything they knew, to begin their lives a-new? Where did they go? How did they meet? What events caused the decisions? All will be revealed when you open the pages in late July or early August.

Welcome to Shaping Your Story

Blogg by WordPress – #shapingyourstory Welcome to Shaping Your Story! We know there’s a lot to read here, so dive into our guidance at your own pace — absorb it all in one day, or tackle parts of it throughout the week. If you’d like feedback on posts you publish, be sure to use theContinue reading “Welcome to Shaping Your Story”

Here are the top five worst writing mistakes and how to avoid and correct them.

Top 5 Most Frustrating Writing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)By KIMBERLY JOKI ·  I thank and attribute the post to Glennis   Recently Grammarly asked its social media communities which writing mistakes were the worst kinds of errors. Our fans tend to find substantive grammatical trip-ups, like verb errors, far more frustrating thanContinue reading “Here are the top five worst writing mistakes and how to avoid and correct them.”

Challenging Moral Beliefs – the essence of part one in “The Fortune Seekers”

I say “thank you” to  Angela Ackerman for writing this blogg. It explains exactly what I am writing about in the fictional experiences in my soon to be published novel. Angela’s Blogg  begins – Level Up Your Setting By Thinking Outside The Box → Deepen The Protagonist to Readers By Challenging His or Her Moral BeliefsContinue reading “Challenging Moral Beliefs – the essence of part one in “The Fortune Seekers””

Freedom to be yourself Who would you be if the influences of society weren’t directing your attitudes and behaviours? Perhaps you are responding, “That’s not true for me. I’m who I am because I do exactly what I want to do.” But is that really true? Many outside influences have influenced our society over the generations The Crown?Continue reading “Freedom to be yourself”