Why I teach my grandkids to play the guitar?

Born within our grandchildren is a little bit of their parents. A certain amount of their four grandparents, and a sprinkling of their great grandparents. This smorgasbord of genes making them who they are. As their grandmother I watch the antics of these little grand boys. Chuckling at the resemblances emerging over the years. ListeningContinue reading “Why I teach my grandkids to play the guitar?”

What do you do now you are retired?

For a number of years my hubby and I have enjoyed retirement.  We share the house, including the kitchen – he prepares many meals while I finish something I’m busy at.  He makes the morning cappuccino while I hang out the washing. He snoozes  while I laze in the hot tub (spa). Seven years agoContinue reading “What do you do now you are retired?”

Time Markers- an excellent lesson learnt from author Mary Carroll Moore

Time Markers: How to Keep a Reader on Track with Your Story , by Mary Carroll Moore  A few months ago, I began exchanging chapters with a writer who has an incredible skill with something called “time markers.” I feel very lucky to have her reading my chapters with time in mind. She has caughtContinue reading “Time Markers- an excellent lesson learnt from author Mary Carroll Moore”

Challenging Moral Beliefs – guest blog by -writershelpingwriters.net

Deepen The Protagonist to Readers By Challenging His or Her Moral Beliefs Posted on May 28, 2016 by Angela Ackerman When we sit down to brainstorm a character, we think about possible qualities, flaws, quirks, habits, likes and dislikes that they might have. Then to dig deeper, we assemble their backstory, plotting out who influencedContinue reading “Challenging Moral Beliefs – guest blog by -writershelpingwriters.net”