12 Email Acronyms You Should Know, With Definitions | Grammarly

We use acronyms in emails every day. From P.S. to Ms. to ASAP, it’s tough to keep straight. Here’s a list of twelve email acronyms and their meanings. — Read on http://www.grammarly.com/blog/email-acronyms/

Career As A Self-Published Author

Dear fellow writers, This week I have investigated options for publishing my second book of The Fortune Seekers Series. It is an important decision, being more than how much it costs as it is about whether I can do it on my own, or would it be prudent to hire a vanity press or hybridContinue reading “Career As A Self-Published Author”

Do I need to go the Hybrid Publishing way ?

Hi fellow authors, I am researching ways to improve my visibility on the web and where to publish my next book. There are aspects of becoming visible that I can’t understand how they work. I am interested in where to obtain this assistance at reasonable prices. If any one can guide me where to goContinue reading “Do I need to go the Hybrid Publishing way ?”