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  • So what if your readers don’t like some of your characters?

    It’s been a while since I posted writing helps I know. Author, Artist and Teacher—Mary Tyler Moore’s blog this week is thought provoking for writers with questions regarding the personalities of characters in our novels. You should find this blog of interest. Enjoy. Here is Mary’s blog Last week, I talked about false beliefs, how…

  • Self Compassion and Mindfulness

    I have had one of those ‘lightbulb’ moments this past week as I learnt I had missed the lesson on mindfulness when dealing with difficult situations or people. I began reading author and counsellor Kristin Neff, PH. D. On the proven power of being kind to yourself. And just now, my favourite blogger, Mary Carroll…

  • Narrative Perspectives – insightful blog by Mary Carroll Moore

    Narrative Perspectives–Which Will Serve Your Story Best? Deciding who is telling your story–that’s a big moment in writing a book.  But even more important is deciding where your narrator will be standing, as he or she tells the tale. Is the narrator speaking in real time, as the story is happening?  Or from what’s called the “retrospective” point of view,…

  • How Do You Reveal Emotional Depth without Reliving the Tragedy? Blog by Mary Carroll Moore

    The past year has been full of loss for so many. Several dear friends passed away, from covid or other illnesses, often quite suddenly. Like others, it became hard to process all the losses, happening one after another. I also noticed how it affected my writing, and maybe you have too. Either I wanted to…

  • 3 Tips From My Failure As an Author

    You’re standing on one mountain summit, and there are fifty miles between the next mountaintop to which you’re expected to jump. Any step you take, … 3 Tips From My Failure As an Author

  • Secrets- The Introduction

    I sought to follow my family’s examples to live a happy life as a girl. This ambition meant understanding the guiding principles as stipulated in The… Secrets- The Introduction

  • How To Break Bad Habits in Your Writing | Grammarly

    Writing well is hard work. But getting rid of a few bad habits can make it easier—and help your prose shine. If you want to improve, it won’t happen by accident. Luckily, science can help. Here’s how to break bad habits in your writing. — Read on www.grammarly.com/blog/writing-bad-habits/

  • Career As A Self-Published Author

    Dear fellow writers, This week I have investigated options for publishing my second book of The Fortune Seekers Series. It is an important decision, being more than how much it costs as it is about whether I can do it on my own, or would it be prudent to hire a vanity press or hybrid…

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