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  • How Do You Reveal Emotional Depth without Reliving the Tragedy? Blog by Mary Carroll Moore

    The past year has been full of loss for so many. Several dear friends passed away, from covid or other illnesses, often quite suddenly. Like others, it became hard to process all the losses, happening one after another. I also noticed how it affected my writing, and maybe you have too. Either I wanted to…

  • What Is Foreshadowing: With Examples

    Foreshadowing is a literary device that’s used to give a hint of what will happen later in a story. Learn how to use foreshadowing here. — Read on prowritingaid.com/Views/Pug/ What Is Foreshadowing in Storytelling and How Does It Help the Reader? https://t.co/k2DnAh4TzV @ProWritingAid #writing #amwriting pic.twitter.com/p4xppbewhE — Angela Ackerman (@AngelaAckerman) July 26, 2021

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