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This morning I learned of the importance of knowing my ‘brand’. Of becoming familiar and identifiable to your readers. And trusted. 

Trusted that what you write will contain the essence of what you have always written, – that which attracts them to your words. Which makes using their time to read your words, worthwhile. 

The challenge for me is to find the word that is ‘my’ brand. 

It isn’t my love of observing people. Or my desire to understand why people do and say what they do do, or say. 

It’s not my desire to free people from their inner pain, to see them set free. 

Or to convert them to my religious beliefs. 

No, none of that. It’s possibly more about making a difference.

Remember the man on the beach who stooped to return star-fish washed up in the high tide, back to the water. There were thousands of starfish dying on  the high tideline. 

Every few paces the old man leaned forward and with a starfish in his hand he threw it as far into the receded tide as possible. 

A boy watching him asked, ‘Mister, why are you bothering, as there are too many. It’s not going to make a difference.’

The old man threw another into the waves, saying,’ it made a difference to that one.’

…in saying this, I realise something. 

Hopefully my writing will make a difference to someone.

Have a great week friends.

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