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It’s time to put my money where my mouth is

Well, here we go… One BIG question,
How does an unknown author with an un heard of title have any opportunity to sell her first book and test it on the market?

 * promote to family and friends and hope a few will be interested enough to buy a copy.

 * form friends with fellow authors and readers on social media.

 * promote novels written by these authors.

 *give reviews for these authors on every social media possible – supporting them, -hoping they will do the same.

 * invest in promotion – putting some $ towards launching my novel.
A decision has been made tonight. Below is what my small advertising budget has bought me – 30 days of advertising for 3 months. 

… Why I must make this happen-

 – this is my first chance to launch my novel – and invest in “The Fortune Seekers – Dan and Charlotte”, offering it worldwide. 

……The Xlibris Google Display Network marketing plan, can run my book ad on over 2 million Google partner websites plus specific Google websites including Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube that show AdWords ads. This network also includes mobile sites and apps.
This service increases my ad’s chances of being viewed by my target readership by allowing the use of specific targeting parameters such as location, age, language, audience interest, topic, keywords, and even specific websites that are part of Google’s network.
A brow wiping moment – 

Now, I don’t have to cast my fishing line all over the map and hope for a bite. With the Xlibris Google Display Network Marketing Services, I can focus and extend my reach and direct my book promotions to where readers are converging.

That decided – now awaiting the cover design.

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