Oh me oh my, 

Should I laugh or should I cry?

Something within me is growing,

Tickling sensation – making its presence known.

Inside me, as if wings in unison are flying,

Feelings of excitement rapidly rising!

Should I shout out…how incredible -as I did it!
Strum a melody, pray a prayer, 

Write a song. Have a beer?

Skype my mother? 

Phone my brother?

Brag to my sons, wives, friends all telling one another

 Txt young Kyan 

Message master Lukas
Telling them the truth – 

Which is to practice being goal setters.

As its true – you too can achieve 

as nothing is impossible 

if you really believe.

…and here’s why…

Dear Glennis Browne, I hope this email finds you well.

Congratulations! Your book, The Fortune Seekers – Dan and Charlotte, 

has finally completed the publication process. 

It will be available on the Xlibris website for purchase within 3-5 business days. 

You will receive a sample copy of your book in 10-15 business days.

Published and available  before this weekend. #TheFortuneSeekers; # HistoricalFiction; #challenges;#religion;#love

Published by Glennis Browne (Annie Browne)

New Zealand author, blogging and researcheing family trees. I write fiction ally about historical families, focusing on the challenges, social issues and indiscretions that caused major disruptions in ancestors lives. My aim is to create realistic reality by bringing greater understanding to our generation. Follow The Journeys of the Fortune Seekers Series of novels written by Annie Browne. Book 4 underway. I also write as Glennis Browne.

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