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‘The Fortune Seekers – Dan and Charlotte’  is available now… 

Today is a momentous day. 

Today my first novel was published online.

Today 17/08/2016 my goal to write and publish has been accomplished.

It is available to all who wish to buy a hardcopy . Just type in either The Fortune Seekers or Glennis Browne



Ebook – 


It’s also available at http://bookstore.xlibris.com/AdvancedSearch/Default.aspx?SearchTerm=The+Fortune+Seekers

The Xlibris page looks like this-

The Amazon page looks like this- ( also available on Barnes and Noble. Kindle edition can be ordered from Amazon.

Available on ebooks at https://www.amazon.com/Fortune-Seekers-Dan-Charlotte-Book-

 Just type in ‘The Fortune Seekers’ or ‘Glennis Browne’

If you read my novel, I encourage you to post a review when you finish it. 

Reviews are important in building an authors reputation.

 If you have any comments that will be helpful to build my writing experience, please contact me. 

I am a first time author, with another book of the series underway. 

I don’t want to repeat bad writing instances which may be evident. 


The Fortune Seekers, through Dan and Charlotte, show why immigrants moved to Australia in the 1800s.

  •  Did immigrants possess the wanderlust gene? 
  • Not all Australian settlers were shipped to the penal colony. 
  • Or did unexpected situations cause immigration?
  • Dan rejects conformist religious beliefs in Britain, escaping willingly. 
  • Charlotte suffers social stigma. 
  • Darwinian theories. 

The novel explores real incidents of grief and poverty during the Australian gold rush years. 

  • Does love bring peace? 
  • Will understanding and forgiveness return faith in God? 

The 21st century reader may learn of the reality of their ancestors’ lives. And find answers. 

The Fortune Seekers explores possible reasons why immigrants made the move to Australia and New Zealand in the 1800s.

These questions haven’t been asked within my own family, and have made me wonder about the real reasons. .Perhaps there are many Australian who also don’t know their background in the following areas:-

•    Was it as simple as the possibility that immigrants possessed the gene of wanderlust?

•    Not all early settlers in Australia were shipped out as prisoners going to the penal colony.

•    Was there a sinister or serious reason for immigrants who chose to come, to do so? As to uproot a family and move to a pioneering country, half a world away, is not an every day decision.
I hope you enjoy my novel.

 It has been like a love affair to write. Occupying my thoughts both day and night for two years. And many more years of ancestral research.

The writing and publishing process daily taught me so much. I believe I have been on a writing and publishing 101 course.

  • My husband prepard meals when I forgot to think about food. 
  • He would wake in the night to find I was in the office, tapping away. 
  • If I couldn’t sleep, a few hours writing made me deliciously tired. 
  • In the morning I couldn’t wait to complete the housework to get back writing.

And today my first novel has gone full circle. 

  • From idea- research – written – editing, editing, editing and more editing- 
  • submitted to Xlibris for publishing- six months to and fro- forward and back- 
  • more editing, photos, permission to use photos, positioning photos – forward and back – 
  • until each stage is signed off. And today published online.

At the same time- these last six months I have –

  • learnt Twitter, set up author supporting Facebook pages, begun on Pinterest, linked in, Google 
  • Began supporting other authors, reading and reviewing their novels, sharing Facebook posts
  • preparing my website, writing monthly newsletters,  blogging
  • Photographing relevant places and items
  • Learning the art of all areas of writing – yes writing 101

Hardcopy- http://bookstore.xlibris.com/The+Fortune+Seekers

EBooks-       https://www.amazon.com/Fortune-Seekers-Dan-Charlotte-Book


  • Meeting local authors and forming a supporting network.
  •  Arranging book signings. 
  • Writing promotional brochures, 
  • contacting advertising media groups. 
  • With three book displays arranged in September and October, 
  • Knowing we will be setting off on our annual caravan expedition south; a box of books at the ready as this author is about to go up,up and away! 
  • With trusty keyboard at the ready.

My author networking team-

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