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Beautiful comments by a reader after reading my blog – ‘I really want a dog’

This was such a beautiful read. 

Just at the right time.

No. Coincidence.

I’ve lost treasured family.

From distance. Misunderstandings. Locations. And In Death .

My dearest best friend of 58 yrs.

As children aged 11&12.

My living memory keeper through out all our stages of lives.

I face my final chapter without her.


No one to love me so unconditionally.

So. Very opposite. But bonded from the innocence of childhood love.


We learned not to change but accept. We just loved each other.

Shared everything -Puberty, teenage life. Loves. Marriages. Births. Children. Divorce.

Families – death of parents. Family.
Grandchildren. Aging. More, so much more.

And your writing of your brother. Your feelings , growth. Your needs. And describing you visions.

Your love for a dog.

They are all my feelings, experiences as well.

Thank you for beautifully sharing feelings. Written and so forever.

Kept preciously close.

It’s like some one out there understands. My secret keeper my friend / sister is no longer. It’s like you appeared on paper as if I knew you as intimately as her.

Thanking God for finding your written words. They so helped me.

I hope I find a dog just like yours. All for the same reasons.

I’m looking too.

I worried as you did too. But you found an emotional support. A dog can be taken anywhere with us. Doesn’t cost much to license them. As such can go any where. It’s a law.

I was so happy.

But to find a rescue that looks like the picture of yours isn’t easy, I know. My forever little secret keeper is out there too, for me.


I love your way with words, thoughts. Do you write other books or pieces ? Can you share please.

I like to hold books or letters. If possible. ?

Thank you.

You eased my breaking heart ❤️.



One response to “Beautiful comments by a reader after reading my blog – ‘I really want a dog’”

  1. How lovely Glennis, thank you for sharing this.


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