100 starfish and counting

Today the tide was extremely low, and Hubby and I threw at least 100 starfish back into the sea. For some starfish, it was too late. But, we saved and made a difference to those that fluttered their legs. Do you want to discover how starfish move? Starfish are equipped with hundreds of tiny littleContinue reading “100 starfish and counting”

Author Annie Browne

Historical fiction brings the past back to life. Especially when each of us have a history and maybe it’s been kept secret. Discover what really happened and learn about who you really are. It’s not all about DNA.

How to Crisp Up Your Writing–Revision Tools for Wordsmithing

Once again I am reblogging one of Mary Carroll Moores’s writing tips.  For over a year she has reminded me or taught me a lot  about writing. Mary and the AutoCrit Programme have been my teachers in the writing of The Fortune Seekers.  Today’s article is on crisp writing – something quite new to meContinue reading “How to Crisp Up Your Writing–Revision Tools for Wordsmithing”

The Fortune Seekers – almost here

From Wales he comes. From England she comes. Why did they leave everything they knew, to begin their lives a-new? Where did they go? How did they meet? What events caused the decisions? All will be revealed when you open the pages in late July or early August.

Setting up my website  – https://glenniswritingabc.wordpress.com

Ok My first newsletter is up, thanks to the programme called ‘smore’. Quite brilliant really. Simple. Except it took me a while to remove the spelling mistakes. Just for fun I have left them  – hoping you, my reader, can locate them.  Hint – there are 2. And some bad writing to boot. But allContinue reading “Setting up my website  – https://glenniswritingabc.wordpress.com”