10 Biggest Book Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Hi dear readers, writers and followers, Here are some of the biggest book marketing mistakes many authors make — and how to course correct if any of these sound familiar. — Read on insights.bookbub.com/biggest-book-marketing-mistakes-stop-making/ Latest Book edited – tick Latest Book released for publication – tick Marketing underway, but am I on the ball? –Continue reading “10 Biggest Book Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making”

Learn the 5 secrets to communicate your love for your dog in a language they’ll understand! They’ll DEFINITELY know you adore them when you try any of these. 🙂 Hi Annie, We know you’re crazy about your pup. And you show that love every time you pet them, play with them, give them special snacks, or just tell them how greatContinue reading

Practices that active promoting authors do

Hello again! Today I received this helpful email from Xlibris, who are the publishers of my first and second books. Good reading here, authors, even as a reminder of what is possible. By the way, The Fortune Seekers – Dan and Charlotte, is getting a new cover – and it’s not this one. New bookContinue reading “Practices that active promoting authors do”

Dog Backyards Series – Part 3: Dog Friendly Plants Your Pooch Will Love – PetSecure

Dog Backyards Series – Part 3: Dog Friendly Plants Your Pooch Will Love – PetSecure — Read on http://www.petsecure.com.au/pet-care/dog-backyards-series-part-3-dog-friendly-plants-pooch-will-love/ Poisoned pet After my puppy was poisoned a week ago, possibly by Flores or plants in my garden. Today the shrubs have been removed. Our poor little puppy is almost back to normal after some timeContinue reading “Dog Backyards Series – Part 3: Dog Friendly Plants Your Pooch Will Love – PetSecure”

Todays editing tip from my editor

One thing to note is sometimes the narrative becomes a little ‘we went here, then we went there’. I’d say think about ways you can make the ‘here’ and ‘there’ a little more eventful when it comes to another draft. That way we get not only the whats and the wheres but the all-important why,Continue reading “Todays editing tip from my editor”

Have you tried AutoCrit to polish your writing yet?

I have found AutoCrit to be a useful tool when completing chapters. By using this programme I now write more concisely and grammatically correct. Try the free trial and discover for yourself. Glennis How to Use Power Verbs to Amp Up Your Writing Mark Twain said, “The difference between the almost right word and theContinue reading “Have you tried AutoCrit to polish your writing yet?”

Do readers care who published your book?

ders Don’t Care Who Publishes Your Book–Really! Hi readers, You know better than I about this. I am interested hearing your comments- telling me whether you agree or disagree with this blog. Blog copied in full from Mary Carole Moore, with thanks One of my private amusements is the serendipity surrounding how well my differentContinue reading “Do readers care who published your book?”

Career As A Self-Published Author

Dear fellow writers, This week I have investigated options for publishing my second book of The Fortune Seekers Series. It is an important decision, being more than how much it costs as it is about whether I can do it on my own, or would it be prudent to hire a vanity press or hybridContinue reading “Career As A Self-Published Author”