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Destination -when two distant cousins meet on social media

This week I have re connected with another relation who has spent many years researching her family – this is Cynthia McCaughan (NZ).

We both share the same great Grandparents originally from Northern Ireland. Namely Patrick McCaughan and Jane Amelia Bigwood.

Today I have discovered we both share more than family links. We share painting abilities.

Both of us have published one or more books.

Finding her WordPress blogg today, this blogg seemed relevant to post. What with me having just published the first of my series -The Fortune Seekers. Destination; Cynthia’s blog outlines her novel after its printing stage. The boot full of boxes – full of books. Something I am soon to experience as yesterday I ordered my supply of books. I am yet to hold the first one in my hand.

But it’s Cynthia’s blogg I want to share tonight. I am sure you will find it as interesting as I have.

Over to you Cynthia – I was thinking about that old adage: ‘it’s not the destination but the journey’ last week, when I set out in the early morning for a trip from my hometown 160km (100 miles) north …


To read Cynthia’s blog, click on the Source: Destination

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