Build Your Author Platform – blog by Allison Tait

Hi there,  This week I am promoting author Allison Tait who I have been following for sometime. Her help has been invaluable. Perhaps her author focused site may help you grow as a writer as well.  Home : Guest blog by Allison Tait. Allison Tait is a freelance writer with more than 20 years’ experience inContinue reading “Build Your Author Platform – blog by Allison Tait”

How To Transform Your Story With A Moment of Truth

Story Structure K.M. Weiland Site JULY 8, 2016 by K.M. WEILAND | @KMWEILAND 58 COMMENTS How to Transform Your Story With a Moment of Truth How To Transform Your Story With A Moment of TruthPart 4 of The Do’s and Don’ts of Storytelling According to Marvel “How can I fix the saggy middle of myContinue reading “How To Transform Your Story With A Moment of Truth”

How Authors Can Break In To Professional Speaking

How Authors Can Break in to Professional Speaking By Stephanie Chandler on Sep 14, 2011  Though it may be among people’s top fears—next to the fear of flying and aheadHow authors can break into professional speaking of the fear of death—public speaking has many advantages. As the featured speaker at an event, conference or meeting,Continue reading “How Authors Can Break In To Professional Speaking”

OH NO! So Book signing events are a waste of time for authors…

Don’t tell me this is true. I’ve just arranged my book release… least I have some ideas to bring to it now. Why Book Signing Events are a Waste of Time for AuthorsBy Stephanie Chandler on Oct 04, 2011  New authors often ask me about book signing events. They want to know how to how toContinue reading “OH NO! So Book signing events are a waste of time for authors…”

What I learnt from award winning author Leanne Moriarty

We were in for a great morning with Leanne.  Over one hundred book lovers attended the Noosa Library interview with award winning writer Leanne Morirty on 2nd  August 2016. Ably interviewed by Marylou Stevens (formerly from ABC) – an author in her own right. I gleaned the following from this successful Australian author- -“I becomeContinue reading “What I learnt from award winning author Leanne Moriarty”

How not to get started writing

Writing 201: Intros and Hooks Your opening lines are your first chance to hook readers — or to lose them. This week, learn to use your piece’s angle to craft an engaging, compelling opening that commands readers’ attention. BY MICHELLE W. Welcome to Blogging U! This course isn’t currently active, but you can learn moreContinue reading “How not to get started writing”

I want to:   Write a Cover Letter

In researching the  writing of cover letters and advertising promotional letters, I came across this helpful information. Thank you to my Guest Bloggers –   “The  Queensland Writers Centre”. A cover letter is the brief letter that accompanies your submission to an agent or publisher, otherwise known as a query letter. The purpose ofContinue reading “I want to:   Write a Cover Letter”

The Fortune Seekers – almost here

From Wales he comes. From England she comes. Why did they leave everything they knew, to begin their lives a-new? Where did they go? How did they meet? What events caused the decisions? All will be revealed when you open the pages in late July or early August.

Welcome to Shaping Your Story

Blogg by WordPress – #shapingyourstory Welcome to Shaping Your Story! We know there’s a lot to read here, so dive into our guidance at your own pace — absorb it all in one day, or tackle parts of it throughout the week. If you’d like feedback on posts you publish, be sure to use theContinue reading “Welcome to Shaping Your Story”